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This is an exciting blog collaboration between an upcoming stylist - Magdalena Marciniak and a fashion print designer - Emma Harriet Wright.
We want to share what inspires us in the current fashion world as well as our own work to the admirers of the fashion world.
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Monday, 27 June 2011

Designer Emma Harriet - Silk Jersey pieces

Greenwich Naval college was the location for my latest shoot. I collaborated with Jon and Tina Reid, photographers, Magdalena Marciniak for styling styling, Robyn Skinner as make-up artist and Nataly Guryanova as the model.

We were shooting  a silk jersey dress and a fine silk netted jersey cape. Both of which I had digitally printed the fabrics and sewn together. The origin of my prints was to create a story of how the concept of  'time' can be dictated through imagery, opposed to using the more traditional methods of scientific measuring.  

I wanted to display how time is a cycle from birth to death. Either that be in a form of a day, person, animal or even journey.

I am currently interested in creating ulternative sportswear pieces, hence the choice of fabric. I'm experimenting with more casual cuts opposed to using traditional styles often seen in sporting garments as well as incorporating a stronger print aspect to the style. Were usually graphical placement prints or strong logo's are often used instead. 

The Naval colleges was the perfect location. 
With the meridian line marking the starting point of time.





              Designer -

                  Stylist -

Photographers -


Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Make up artist - Robyn Skinner

I had the pleasure to work with Robyn Skinner, makeup artist, at my recent shoot for my degree.

She is dedicated and efficient with her work and most of all very talented.
The image below is her working with the model before the shoot. 
I've also added a link to her blog as well as a Flickr link for images on her business, Stay Beautiful.

If you would like to get in contact with her. 
Email on:

Friday, 17 June 2011

My work :)))

My website is being updated at the moment but my temporary one is:

You can find some more of my work there. Enjoy!!! :)

They like my style :)))

When I was at the Yohji Yamamoto event at V&A the other day I was spotted by another passionate blogger who apparently liked my styled. I was photographed and handed a little card saying "you got this card because we like you style" That's clearly flattering. :)

Thursday, 9 June 2011

These pictures are from behind the scenes of the catalogue shoot for my scarf business, Emma Harriet.
The shoot took place at the studio at Ravensbourne University, model being Amy Ceesay and the photographer Drew Morgan.

This is a sneak peek for the rest of the collection . . . 

My website, Emma Harriet, will set up soon.
But for details on the photographer view his website at:

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Graduate Fashion Week 2011

This week, Earls Court held their yearly Graduate Fashion week event, with sponsoring from George.
I arrived on the Monday evening to a crowd, bubbling with excitement. The first sight to my eye was the champagne bar, crammed with people into a tiny area. Fearing if they stepped over the line into the go between space they would loose their chance to network with elite amongst the viewers of the show.

Their was a high level of co-odination gone into to constructing the stands. Kingston University had there own special parlour whilst Northumbria University had an extensively organised arrangement of their students work, supporting some stunning textiles pieces. 

Below is the Nottingham Trent stand. I was impressed by their knitwear and of course their cordwainers course, also a hot contestant against London College of Fashion.

Students work from Nottingham Trent.

Colchester had one of the most students work on display. With three rails displaying garments with supporting sketchbooks.

This bird was beautifully set against the side cuff. 

Graduate of Colchester University, Susannah Gage, proudly standing next to one of the rials at their stand.  

Below are some general pieces that I found inspiring. Especially this head. It hasn't got no real strong link with the piece, but it still made me stop and look which I think has got to be worth a blog mention.

Knit wear piece from Ravensbourne University.

Overall it was a great show, it was a shame all universities didn't show their collections in the catwalk show. More universities are becoming more independent and funding their own shows. My university for instance, Ravensbourne, being one of them. So check out their catwalk show on 27th June at Greenwich Peninsula.


Sunday, 5 June 2011

Yohji Yamamoto - Friday late V&A event

On Friday night I went to V&A Museum to see a great fashion event. I wanted to celebrate the quirky side of Yohji Yamamoto's design world, which is absolutely amazing. I got involved in workshop called "Cut - Out/Stick - On Fashion" Workshop organised with Slashstroke Magazine Team.

The workshop was based on creating own outfit cut-out/stick-on paper form to wear to emulate a Nick Knight - inspired Yamamoto shape.

Stroke magazine team ready to help

After 30 minutes waiting I had my turn to get dressed by Yohji :))

Paper ready to be cut

I decided to cut off three triangles and make my outfits using them

My outfit inspired by Yohji :)))

Picture of me, emulating Nick Knight - inspired Yamamoto shape