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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Nascita di Venere

There are so many interpretations of "The birth of Venus" by Sandro Botticelli. My favourite one is the one by Plato, saying that Venus had two aspects: she was an earthly goddess who aroused humans to physical love or she was heavenly goddess who inspired intellectual love in them. Plato further argued that contemplation of physical beauty allowed the mind to better understand spiritual beauty.

As it all was about the beauty of a woman, a spring = rebirth etc, the theme seemed to be perfect for a photo shoot for "Unfolded Magazine", spring issue.

Links to the magazine:

Because the painting depicts the goddess Venus having emerged from the sea, we decided to go down to Brighton, which was the nearest from London, sea side area.

styling kit - ready :))

Having the pleasure to work with a great team of: Chloe Williams - model, Ekaterina - make up artist, and Swank Shot - photographers, I was really pleased with the final results.

Isn't she beautiful??

Arriving at the sea shore, she was supposed to be standing on a shell or wearing a shell??? :))

Clothes by Pierre Garroudi

My futuristic interpretation of "The birth of Venus" has been published in "Unfolded Magazine" 
spring issue.

                                     pages 86-87

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