The inspirational moodboard

This is an exciting blog collaboration between an upcoming stylist - Magdalena Marciniak and a fashion print designer - Emma Harriet Wright.
We want to share what inspires us in the current fashion world as well as our own work to the admirers of the fashion world.
Enjoy and feel free to comment!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Jumpsuit Mania!!!

Jumpsuits - something of a yoyo trend. They are back again!!! I love easy to throw on one piece outfits. Jumpsuits are perfect for day look as well as going out. They are made to look great, can be teamed with different kinds of shoes. Yey!!

Here's my small collection:

snake skin pattern jumpsuit Top Shop

checked vintage jumpsuit

birds pattern Birdie

washed out denim vintage jumpsuit

Black "cat woman" vintage jumpsuit 

spotted vintage jumpsuit

white vintage jumpsuit

H&M shiny jumpsuit

Comptoir des Cotonniers Playsuit

Top shop playsuit

The weather seems to be nice so hopefully I'm going to have many occasions to wear all of them this season. Looking forward to that!!! 

Summer knits . . . .

Okey I know it's nearly summer but we know how unpredictable the British summer can be and there's at least one jumper day every week. So here' a little number I spotted in All Saints, Camedon. There should be more creative knit pieces on the commercial market even if it means paying that extra £20 for a jumper.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Push PR Press event - Tuesday 12th April 2011

Push PR press event was set up in a great location at The Soho Hotel, Soho London. An atmosphere of excitement was amongst the people checking out Push clients new collections for A/W11. A great selection was on show with a strong diversty of colours, themes, textures and looks to browse upon. There was certainly something for everyone tastes, ranging from bespoke bridal gowns, Jasper Gardiva,  to silk slippers, Holistic Silk.

Magda and I picked out some of our favourite pieces from the event, with plenty of links for you to browse further.

Plastic tiles were hand sewn to the main body, was the essence of the structure of the tops and dresses above. Great pieces, reminded me of the terracotta armies armour. Collection created by Jasper Gardiva, the eastern theme continues through into his prints show below.

A vintage inspiration I would believe to be the source of inspiration for this dress. Delicate fabrics but not too sure if the lace, main body, and the frilly pleats, attached skirt, really co-ordinate beautifully together.

A nice minimalist approach to repeated print. Collaboration of olive green and rose pink certainly brings me of a secret English garden . . . . perhaps the key lock shape, below, is a suggestion of this?

Every genre of fashion needs was covered at the press event, especially the beach!

 Beauty pieces from  Holistic Silk

" I created Holisitc Silk as an antidote to the fast pace and stress of daily life" 

Joanna Weakley, founder of the company.

These would make my feet feel like a pair of princesses! Fabric quality is fabulous with matching beauty products and gift sets.

Nicholas King

This bracelet by Nicholas king is stunning. Metal tiles are surrounded by a glass shell.
The natural colours is what I find most inspiring. 

This is a fantastic piece showing the use of textiles woven into jewellery.
Good as a party piece or dressed down for a casual day in the park.

Interesting top by Nyla Boutique

Shoes in a cage, great exposition!!

Mohawk ring

Glasses necklaces

To view more precisionly cut birds visit

The press event had a great eclectic mix of fashion, accessories and beauty productions. As we couldn't take pictures of everything I have listed a selection of websites for further information on great designers that i fond inspiring. Enjoy!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Feet for the urban jungle.

These babes are a delight! If had purchased them I would want them constantly no matter how unpractical the situation would be.


Printed canvas.

Printed canvas and suede.

The inspiration for the prints I believe to be sourced from traditional African art works. Certainly great pieces to wear round the urban jungle this summer season.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

the 80s look

  For some 80s were the great time. The clothes worn in the 80s described people who were trying to find themselves. They looked for ways to express their creativity and individuality. I was born in mid eighties so didn't have a chance to wear those clothes, but thanks to vintage stores I can find now what I missed then. 

 Those are original 80s pieces which I found at some vintage store in Camden Town.

Lovely polka dotted jacket with shoulder pads.

Acid washed denim dress

"Ray-Ban Wayfarers"

Well, I must admit even that 80s are not on trend at the moment I still love it. 

Friday, 15 April 2011

This is for Magda . . . .

                      This girl was not escaping my camera, caught at Oxford Circus tube this evening!

Cute . . . but maybe too much of a statement for a friday eve shop?

Below is also Zara's latest window display. 

Suggestion of an urban jungle theme perhaps? Are we shall trapped in our own materialistic needs? 

If so, it's currently a good place to be if you have enough room for some of Zara's high street pieces.

Great colour palette. 

It has tempted me into using body print as a potential layering idea with  translucent fabric prints?

The possibilities.