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This is an exciting blog collaboration between an upcoming stylist - Magdalena Marciniak and a fashion print designer - Emma Harriet Wright.
We want to share what inspires us in the current fashion world as well as our own work to the admirers of the fashion world.
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Monday, 26 September 2011

Christopher Lee Sauve "Scandal" T-shirts collection

A few weeks ago I had a fantastic chance to participate at an exclusive event. Great, fearless pop artist/designer Christopher Lee Sauve  was launching his new collection of controversial T-shirts called "Scandal" The event was at Home House, beautifully organised by Nyla Boutique, one of great clients of Push PR I was very intrigued after getting the invitation from wonderful as usual Push PR, especially that I knew that Christopher's collection was inspired by fashion's biggest and most outrageous news stories. I went there to see which polemical fashion stories designer decided to tell to the world, using his T-shirts for. I was pleasantly surprised and really liked his choices. I loved the idea of showing them to the people, each design was spread over canvas, looking like a great picture with some message, plus a female or a male model standing next to the canvas and wearing adequate T-shirt, which looked as below:

Each T-shirt had a specific controversial story/saying told by drawing and text. Have a look and get the message. :)

Different people, different controversial sayings, different designs of T-shirts to choose. Considering variety of messages and stories told by those lovely designs, I think that T-shirts of "Scandal" might be bought by everyone, as we all can identify or disagree with what was said by famous fashion people. They say that a lie has no leg, but a scandal has wings, I hope this "Scandal" got the wings and the messages and stories, beautifully placed on those fantastic T-shirts will fly around the world. :)

Congratulations Christopher Lee Sauve!!!
It was nice to meet you!
Good luck!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

lushdesigns - on the bank of the thames

Yes this blog is orientated around fashion so this post on 'interiors' may seem a little confusing. But I think the beauty of fashion is that it involves everything! So here is some beautiful print work you should buy to tart up your house.

Lushdesigns is the design company and shop that I found in the streets of Greenwich, London. I find it almost sickening how beautifully simple and effective these works are.

 Check out their website for more details:

Monday, 5 September 2011

Curtain Call - Roundhouse London

Curtain Call is a animation and short film showings at the Round house, London. However there is a slight twist to how the installation is being shown. 

It's on and curtain, made out of 20 meters of high plastic tubing. The films are viewd inside the curtain. This is were you find yourself surrounded by each clip.

This cinematic experience was fantastic with some of the clips shown. For instance there was a time delay of the rainforest. The sounds effects were mind blowing! Of course I was to busy watching it to make a clip.

However I did manage to catch a couple of interesting ones shown below.

Apologies for the angel and lighting. Filming is not my strongest subject.

Below is a clip from Hussein Chalayan, again not brilliant filming angles.
But it does feature the remote control dress as well as a few dress for his Paris show in a couple of weeks.

Apologies if you here chatting in the background ........