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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Vintage Festival

On Saturday 30.07.2011 I got a fantastic chance to engage into the legendary Vintage Festival, organised by Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway at SouthBank Centre. The festival celebrated musical, fashion, art, design, film and cultural origins from 1920s to the 1980s. The SouthBank has been transformed into a Vintage Wonderland where I could see clubs, dance lessons, film, bands but first of all lots of vintage retailers, fashion, art and design. There were also places for makeover and workshops. It was such an amazing experience seeing all of those happy people, beautifully dressed up, moving back to their favourite eras. Hope that the pictures below will bring the mood of that spectacular event. 

First beautiful ones I met at SouthBank

 Disco Party


Brilliant photographs 

Swinging 60s

Lovely couple 

Cake :))) 

Stylish girls 

And then I stopped by some wall full of great posters made by Roy Newby with some interesting messages...

She had my favourite outfit on...

Then I went to some vintage fair and found those pretty pieces... 


A mirror


wall mirror heart shaped :)))

stunning dress

one of the workshops

suitcases :)))

restored armchair... :)))


dance lesson

dancers :))

A crowd outside at the terrace 

some more stylish girls..

The last part of the festival was a vintage fashion show, organised and styled by Jo Wood...

first row...


Here are my favourite pieces from the show...

Jo Wood with the models

It was an amazing event really looking forward to seeing that next year. Need to start thinking about some crazy outfit as the competition there is really high :) , what hopefully you could see following those pictures...