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Monday, 28 February 2011

Pierre Garroudi A/W 11 Collection

During the hype of this seasons London Fashion week Pierre Garroudi show, 19/2/11 London Bridge,  shone out among the rest of the designers with his monochromatic purple fabrics structured into a diverse spectrum of textures. With spectacular styling to top the icing on the cake for his 'Royal' themed collection.
A range of publishers, from Magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Telegraph were drawn to the show like bees to nectar. Photographers, stylist and fashion bloggers were also amongst his biggest crowd yet to spectate.

Backstage was also a bubble of excitement. Models being hand stitch into some of the garments. The last few strands of hair being tucked back by the hairdressers.

Personally the overall show was a brilliant success. There was a lot of strong and talented people pulling the show together. It is also beautiful to see such a loose approach to fashion with such a high quality of skill and knowledge going into each garment. Next's season will certainly be a torment to wait for with 'Dusky Pink' being next seasons colour palette. Including an extended range of new techniques to Pierre Garroudis already extensive portfolio.

Hand knitted fabric which was then pleated

Power netting which had been pleated into strips then handed stitched into their structures.

Emma Harriet Wright with Pierre (left) at the after show party.

(From left to right) Emma Harriet Wright, Magadalena Marciniak, Coco Lee,  Anita Irbe (model)
I would also like to give special thanks to Coco Lee (Production designer) Emma Harriet Wright (Production assistant) and Magdalena Marciniak (Stylist). Whose help strung the show together!